For most couples, deciding on what to watch on Netflix on a Friday night is enough to create a multi-hour debate, so when it comes to picking the perfect romantic getaway, the decision making can stretch on for an eternity.

Somewhere hot or somewhere cold? Inner-city or rural? The choices, seemingly, are endless. So, with an entire world stretching out before you, where should you go for that intimate, romantic feeling?

Here at Lyme Bay Holidays, we specialise in Dorset and Devon coastal holidays – one of the most beautiful parts of the country and, indeed, world.

It should come as no surprise then that we think that a trip to the south-west coast is where you should begin. However, we also happen to believe that we’ve got the ideal property for your romantic getaway – the Garden Studio.

Here are three huge reasons why the Garden Studio is your perfect romantic break location.


Incredible Charm, Gorgeous Views

The first thing you notice when you approach the Garden Studio is its sea-blue exterior. It’s an utterly charming note that invites you towards the property. The next thing you notice is the terrace, replete with seating for two and a dining table which provides views out over the coast and over the ocean.

If you’ve not fallen in love with the Garden Studio from the outside though, you will once you’re inside. Real wood floors, high ceilings with gorgeous wooden beams, a modern, stylish kitchen and deep, comfortable seating make the Garden Studio a delightful place to spend time.

Oh, and the bed’s pretty darn comfy too.


Total Privacy

Romantic getaways are about intimacy, sharing an experience together that’s yours and yours alone. It’s the sort of experience you just can’t have when you’re in a hotel, a thin wall away from other guests.

The Garden Studio is its own intimate getaway where, although you’re close to the action, you’re able to enjoy total privacy.


A Stunning Location

Perhaps the biggest draw of the Garden Studio though is its location, right in the heart of Lyme Regis.

Located in a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Lyme Regis has been a popular holiday destination for centuries thanks to its gorgeous buildings, incredible beaches and wonderful Cobb Wall, a 13th-century construction which protects the harbour.

Replete with amazing restaurants, cafes, independent shops, galleries, pubs and museums, Lyme Regis makes for the ideal romantic getaway, nestled at the point where Devon and Dorset meet.

From the Garden Studio’s door, you’re just a short walk down into the heart of the town and with parking on site, you’ve got the entirety of Devon and Dorset at your doorstep.

Head for a swim in the ocean, drink a piping hot coffee by the harbour, discover fossils on the Jurassic coast or simply head out for a walk on the South West Coastal Path hand in hand.

It’s the biggest reason to choose the Garden Studio and a huge reason why it’s the ideal location for your romantic getaway.