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Christmas tree with stockings in background

For many of us, winter is a time when we get closer to those we love. With the nights drawing in and the air growing cooler, we naturally find ourselves growing closer, both physically and emotionally.

It’s part of the joy of winter and why lots of us simply wouldn’t dream of decamping off to somewhere hot and sticky. The seasons are beautiful, and celebrating them connects us with both ourselves and our environment.

It’s why our self catering holiday cottages in Dorset and Devon see such demand in the winter, but why should you head to our holiday cottages in Dorset and Devon this winter? Join us as we share a few of our favourite things about winter holidays in the UK.


Foodie Delights

No nation does winter cuisine quite like Britain, and with literally thousands of stunning country pubs, award-winning restaurants and charming cafes located throughout Devon and Dorset, you’re never short of an option or two.

Wherever your culinary tastes lay, the south coast enjoys some of the finest producers and chefs anywhere in the world, with a focus on exceptionally fresh and sustainable ingredients – a boon if you’re a fish fanatic.

So, why not hop in the car, drive through crisp, stunning countryside and settle in for a plate of awe-inspiring food.


Christmas Celebrations

Winter markets have become a big thing in the UK over the last few years, but nowhere has embraced them quite as wholeheartedly as Dorset and Devon.

You’ll find stunning Christmas markets in many towns and cities across the counties, with tens of thousands of gift ideas, delightful snacks and hot drinks to warm your soul. Alongside these markets are countless events celebrating the season, from carolers belting out Christmas classics to festivals of light, you’ll find that taking a winter holiday in the UK is the finest way to enjoy the Christmas period


Stunning Scenery

It should go without saying but this country of ours is a truly remarkable one when it comes to our scenery.

From rolling ocean to dense forest via pristine countryside and ancient settlements, there’s a beauty to England which is rarely found around the world. In winter, that scenery takes on an entirely new complexion, frozen in time and dramatic in every possible way. If you’re lucky enough to be around with snow settled, you’ll be transported into a picturesque chocolate-box landscape, one that’s truly unmissable.


Incredible Romance

Romance fills the air in winter, and our holiday cottages are by far the best place to experience it from.

From hand-in-hand walks along the South West Coast Path to endless evenings spent chatting over hot mulled wine in charming country pubs, warming by a roaring fire, nothing matches the romance and beauty of a winter holiday in the UK. Take in historic country homes, delight in charming towns and cities and so much more, all with your significant other by your side. Is there anything better?