For Your Safety

The health and safety of our customers, staff, housekeepers and owners is paramount and we have therefore taken advice and all necessary steps to ensure we can offer this as properties re-open for holidays once more.

To achieve this, all cleaning procedures have been adapted and some changes made within properties to help  provide a safe property for you to enjoy.

What changes have been implemented?

We have issued all of our homeowners and housekeepers with revised cleaning procedures, this basically outlines some new measures we have introduced to the process to minimise risk plus also make the changeover more manageable. Some of these changes are:

  • Providing whoever is tasked to clean the property more time. To help achieve this we have had to move all arrivals to 4pm/5pm to allow for this additional time and ensure these new procedures can be undertaken for your safety.
  • Ensuring housekeepers are aware of the appropriate PPE and cleaning products while cleaning the property. We will also ensure the recommended cleaning materials are in the property for you to use when in residence.
  • Where possible we have had to remove items considered ‘high risk’ such as books, DVDs and some excess kitchenware. This applies to any item which cannot be cleaned or ‘wiped over’. Best advice to property owners in this time is to “de-clutter” and help reduce risk and ensure any remaining  items can be cleaned on each changeover.
  • Attention to detail – the advice is to minimise risk, this risk cannot be fully removed therefore by following these new procedures and importantly,  allowing more time to do so, we are minimising the risk presented by Covid-19.
  • Key collections for all arrivals will be from keysafes for the immediate period.  We will be sanitising keys and the safes on the changeover and if keys are collected from our office key safes sanitisers will also be available for your use.


Help us to help you

We will be providing you with information both before and during your stay in a request to help us provide a safe property for all. This will be very much in line with the general advice offered by the Government now, to keep hands clean and maintain cleanliness in the property as best possible with the products provided. Small changes such as placing used linen and towels into the bags supplied and ventilating the property during your stay.

As a local agent we remain available to you should you have any worries or concerns, our office is open and our team will be happy to help however we can. The way we provide our service to you may have to change for a while but the high level of service you can expect will not.


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