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Green hills and countryside in Dartmoor

It’s official, summer 2018 was the hottest on record in England – bringing with it splendid blue skies, gorgeous heat and sunshine which spread well into the evening. Devon enjoyed some of its finest days, but as our attention turns towards autumn, what can we really say for sure about what we can expect?

Well, at the very least, we know it’ll be beautiful.

As the leaves begin to turn brown and evening skies burst into dramatic colour schemes, there’s no denying that the rich variety of Devon’s scenery looks resplendent in an autumn palate.

If you’re joining us at one of our Devon cottages this autumn, you’re in for a treat, but where are the most beautiful places to explore? Here are a few of our favourites.



It’s a somewhat obvious place to start, but there’s a reason why Dartmoor has inspired writers, poets and artists for generation after generation – and it’s not because it’s of legendary ugliness.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Dartmoor is gorgeous throughout the year, but in the autumn months, the area looks almost alight as the bracken and gorse turn from verdant green to rusty, golden orange. Paired up with the dramatic lighting of autumn’s golden hour and you’ll quickly see what all those poets were banging on about.


The Coast

Devon’s beaches are in high demand throughout the year thanks to their awe-inspiring variety and quality, with excellent waves on the water for surfers. In the autumn, that demand only increases as hurricanes in the Atlantic bring big waves to Devonshire shores alongside warm water.

However, if you’re not in the mood for a dip, there are hundreds of miles of official footpaths which trace the coastline and reveal the splendour of Devon’s edge in the autumn. Expect huge waves crashing against chalky cliffs, dramatic sunrises and sunsets over the horizon and so much more.

Stuck for a walk? The Seaton to Lyme Regis walk is seven miles of wonder, detailed here.


Devon’s Forests

Devon plays host to a wide variety of woodland areas, from Black-a-Tor-Corpse with its rare high-altitude oak forest and fluffy moss hills to Stone Lane Gardens and its planted birch and alder trees, there’s a woodland area for everyone.

The sheer variety of the woodland areas in Devon means that no two walks are the same and with every tree and habitat adapting differently to the demands of autumn, there are a million reasons to keep exploring Devon’s forests.


Towns and Cities

Devon wasn’t built yesterday, a fact that confirms itself when you see the sheer number of charmingly quaint towns and historic cities that are found all over Devon.

With a scarf around your neck and family by your side, explore these incredible places and discover their amazing restaurants, cafes and pubs, most of which offer extremely fresh, seasonal food. It’s just another way to enjoy the autumn and to really engross yourself in the season.

You haven’t seen Devon until you’ve seen it in autumn, so why wait? Book today and begin your glorious autumn adventure.