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Planning on visiting Devon? One thing is for sure, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to local beer and Devon ales. The brewing tradition in Devon dates all the way back to Roman times, but recently there has been a rise in independent Devon breweries, including trendy microbreweries and larger-scale operations.  

As a result, Devon is fast gaining a reputation for producing an unbeatable pint – any beer-lovers looking to book a holiday to Devon are in luck! The fabulous selection of breweries in Devon creates incredible brews using local ingredients and drawing inspiration from the unsurpassed landscape that the Jurassic Coast has to offer. With Devon breweries concocting everything from sessions and IPAs to stouts and lager, you can’t go wrong with a good local pint.  

To help you pick out the best beers to try while visiting, we’ve put together this list of the best Devon breweries. Within this Devon breweries list, you’ll find flavours to suit all tastes. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself to a proper home-grown pint from one of the best breweries in Devon

New Lion Brewery 

Tucked away in the transitional town of Totnes, New Lion is a small independent Devon brewery that offers experimental and limited-edition beers. Once a well-known name in Totnes, running pubs right across the region, New Lion’s real beauty is in its community and spirit.   

The New Lion Brewery features a bar that opens on weekends, serving every available beer currently bottled. It has three flagship beers: Pandit IPA, Mane Event and Totnes Stout. And, in addition to these classics, they have experimented to produce some slightly quirkier Devon beers, such as a pumpkin ale, a chilli beer, and a mushroom stout. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, make sure you try one of these! 

Hunter’s Brewery 

Hunter’s is a family-run brewery in the heart of the Devon countryside. Here, they put their hearts and souls into making delicious Devon ales using the finest local ingredients. This brewery in Devon prides itself on the intense flavour of their beers, packing in so much more than the average pint you might be used to.  

In fact, this Devon brewery is leading the way in a brewing process called bottle conditioning – when live yeast is allowed to ferment in the bottle to create natural carbonation. This unique brewing technique creates deeper and richer flavours so you can enjoy your local pint that bit more. You certainly don’t want to miss this one!  

The Totnes Brewing Company 

The aptly named, Totnes Brewing Company is a family-run Devon brewery and craft ale bar located in the centre of Totnes. The bar serves 80 different Devon beers (yes, we said 80!), alongside 10 gins and a fantastic selection of whisky and rum.  

Head down to this Devon brewery to relax with a local pint in the sunny beer garden, with clear views of the magnificent Totnes Castle. If you’re lucky, you might even catch some live music or one of the many events often held here. However, the real magic happens just behind the bar, where they serve up delights like ‘Bronx Cheer’, made using local Asprington raspberries, and a ‘Lactose & Oats’ Double IPA. Not sure what you want? Don’t worry – the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and love to have a chat about the many local Devon beers on offer.  

Red Rock Microbrewery 

Quietly nestled in the hilly South Hams, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Red Rock Brewery in South Devon creates a range of delightful artisan beers with true passion. This father-son-daughter setup strives to brew innovative, quirky beers with the deepest flavours. In fact, this Devon brewery has won an array of awards and has assembled a following of devoted beer fans.  

A whole host of Devon beers and ales are produced at Red Rock, including their craft beer range, their quintessentially English range, and their slow range, which has been inspired by the local landscape and produce. If you’re interested in seeing the entire brewing process, Red Rock offers brewery tours, finished off with a few samples in the brewery tap room, which is housed in an old tractor barn. Or why not marvel at panoramic views of the Teign Estuary from the beer garden?   

Otter Brewery 

Established back in 1990, in a farmhouse in Blackdown Hills, Otter Brewery in Devon has quickly grown over the years to become a well-known, established brand. Only the very best ingredients are used in Otter’s beers and ales – malting UK barley, their own yeast culture and water drawn from the wells sprung from the River Otter. A range of some of the best Devon beers and ales come out of Otter, including bitter, amber and ale, as well as Tarka larger and Wildsider lager.  

Want to know what makes this Brewery in Devon even better? It is 100% eco-friendly, all the way down to its hoppy roots. They have the utmost respect for the environment in which they work and have the Devon countryside in mind through each step of the brewing process. This Devon brewery even won ‘Eco Building of the Year’ for the new cellar built in 2005, which removes the need for electric chilling systems and comes complete with a living sedum roof. 

Powderkeg Brewery  

Also making it onto our list of the best Devon breweries is Powderkeg. The people at this brewery in Devon are passionate about what they do and aren’t afraid to show it. Their love of beer encourages a more modern, hands-on approach to the traditional brewing process – essentially making each bottle individually.  

The Powderkeg Brewery has won multiple awards, including at the World Beer Awards in 2019 and 2020. Heavily influenced by US craft brewing, Powderkeg uses the best quality ingredients to produce top notch Devon craft beers. They even have a selection of gluten-free and vegan beers to try. However, their modern brewing style is best reflected in the customer-favourite ‘Speakeasy’ transatlantic pale ale, a US influenced craft beer. For those looking for something more traditional, why not opt for the ‘Idler’ modern English Ale, made using British malts and hops.  

Black Tor Brewery  

Black Tor Brewery was established in 2013 and is a popular independent Devon brewery located in Dartmoor. It produces a huge range of award-winning premium beers, of which you can choose from modern and traditional styles sold in casks and bottles. This brewery in Devon offers three core beers as well as a selection of seasonal and special ales, all brewed using the very best English malting barley.  

You can purchase these premium Devon beers from independent pubs, restaurants, hotels, farm shops and delis across the South West, as well as from the Black Tor Brewery’s online shop. Not a beer fan? Not to worry – as one of the best breweries in Devon, they also produce Black Tor Rum, using the pure spring water from the Dartmoor National Park.  

Steel Brew Co 

Steel Brew Co has certainly come far – so far that they now make it onto our best Devon breweries list! This brewery in Devon started life in a garage back in 2018, but has undergone a significant upgrade, now housed in the Grade 1 Listed Melville building at the heart of Plymouth’s Royal William Yard.  

This modern Devon brewery produces four signature beers: Mantra, Plymouth, Bombshell and Breakwater, as well as limited run beers, IPA’s and even a selection of ciders. The taproom itself is a laid-back space with comfy sofas where you can enjoy their range of own brews and visiting favourites. Reflecting the fact that many locals just can’t get enough of Steel Brew’s pints, they even offer an annual subscription allowing beer lovers around Devon to get their favourites delivered straight to their front door.