Holidaying in the UK is often about taking the time to appreciate just how remarkable the scenery around us is. It’s a fact that we lose sight of in our everyday lives, but by visiting somewhere new, we gain fresh appreciation.

At Lyme Bay Holidays, we think Dorset is beautiful throughout the year, but we reserve special praise for autumn, when the air becomes crisp, the din of summer dies down and the leaves turn a thousand shades of orange and yellow.

It transforms an iconic landscape into something new, a little unfamiliar yet wholly beautiful, revealing new dimensions to a place you may have already visited. It’s why we always recommend guests at our Dorset holiday cottages take the time to visit again during autumn – the experience is one fundamentally different to that of spring or summer.

We adore Dorset in the autumn and we think you will too, but where should you be heading to find the very best of autumnal Dorset? Here are a few of our favourite ideas.


Walk the Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast stretches from Exmouth in Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset and was a vital area for life during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (often called the Mesozoic Era roughly 66 million years ago.

Today, it’s a truly gorgeous stretch of coastline that’s littered with fossils and is home to some of the finest walks in the country. Take in the tempestuous autumnal ocean and gaze out across the curvature of the earth. Turn around and you’ll be greeted with rolling hills, stunning heathers and views which are best described as awe-inspiring.


Go Fungi Hunting in Dorset’s Forests

As Dorset’s deciduous trees lose their chlorophyll and those remarkable earth-tones begin appearing in begin appearing in the leaves of Dorset’s forests, there’s no finer time to strap on your walking boots and to head out to the woods.

Dewy autumn mornings and increased humidity mean that it’s the ideal time to go hunting for the huge variety of fungi that make themselves at home in Dorset’s forests. Appearing quickly after rain and disappearing just as fast as hungry woodland creatures feast on their supple, delicious flesh.

Grab yourself a guide to edible mushrooms and you can find enough in a couple of hours to transform any humdrum dish into a fresh, local feast.


Admire Dorset’s Wildlife

Did you know that Dorset’s wildlife population undergoes a significant change in autumn?

With the increase in rainfall, swollen rivers engulf wide floodplains attracting huge numbers of wildfowl which fly in from the far north and are joined by winter migrants like bramblings, peregrine falcons, avocet’s and even waxwings, making Dorset a haven for birds and twitchers alike.

Back on terra firma, Dorset’s population of fallow deer swells in autumn and enjoy their annual rut peak in October with bucks visible with full sets of broad antlers across Dorset. Take a trip to Dorset Wildlife Trust at Powerstock Common for guaranteed views of these majestic animals, or encounter them in forests across Dorset.