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Every single day people hop in their cars and make the drive down to Devon. It’s not for work, and it’s not for the award-winning beaches on offer. No, it’s for the amazing variety of stunning restaurants operating with the historic and lovely county.

Here at LBH Towers, we’ve bravely gone out and sampled the fine foods available locally and now, we’re ready to share with you our findings. It was a gruelling, unforgiving path that we walked, one stuffed to the brim with unforgettable meals, but what did we discover? Only the best places to eat out in Devon, of course.

Here’s some of our favourites, conveniently located close to our self catering holiday cottages in Devon.

1) The Giant Club, Axminster

Staying in one of our Axminster properties? You can’t turn down the opportunity to dine at The Giant Club. This quirky little restaurant might hide its expert culinary intentions well, but the game is given away as soon as the courses start to arrive.

Astonishing British fusion cuisine, cooked to perfection and delivered with a smile. The 6-course menu cost a mere £30 per head on our visit, but be sure to book ahead, so you don’t find yourself disappointed.

2) Neil’s Restaurant, Sidmouth

Sidmouth is a gorgeous seaside town and one we heartily recommend anyone taking a Lyme Bay Holiday checks out, but what’s the culinary jewel in that particular crown? Neil’s Restaurant, of course.

Specialising in fresh, locally caught fish, Neil’s doesn’t do fussy. What they do, however, is big flavours and beautiful service. Once again, it’s a busy location, so call ahead to book a spot, but we’d heartily recommend taking the effort.

3) River Cottage, Axminster

Heading back to Axminster for a second round, we simply can’t go without mentioning River Cottage – believe us, we tried! Delightfully charming from the outside, River Cottage is exactly the sort of rural delight you’d hope to stumble across whilst on your Devon adventure.

Serving up fresh, incredibly refined British and European cuisine with more than mere token options for vegetarians, there’s something for everyone.

4) The Orange Tree Restaurant, Torquay

Regularly rated amongst the very best restaurants in the UK, let alone Devon, the Orange Tree Restaurant is just one more reason why you should take a trip down to Torquay whilst in Devon.

Delighting on all fronts with its classical British and European cuisine from locally sourced, fresh ingredients, you’ll enjoy the kind of service that’s typically reserved for the finest restaurants around the world. Our tip? Give the crab bisque a whirl.

5) The Smugglers Kitchen, Beer

In Beer, there’s only one restaurant that’s on the lips of locals when you ask them for recommendations, and that’s the Smugglers Kitchen.

Delightful, unpretentious food that the whole family can enjoy is the order of the day, but that doesn’t mean their menu begins and ends at posh burgers. Quite simply, The Smugglers Kitchen is the perfect dinner spot for anyone staying in our Beer properties.