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Our planet is a miraculous thing. It supports trillions of lifeforms across the land, ocean and sky, hosts a spectacular variety of plant life and, historically, cares for itself remarkably well.

However, with more than 7 billion people now living on it and each of us creating our own waste, we’re quickly reaching a tipping point for the overall health of our planet.

Here in Lyme Regis, we enjoy views out over the English Channel and the Celtic Sea. Quite simply, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the food and industry the ocean has offered settlers for hundreds of years.

It’s estimated, however, that 12.7 million tons of plastic find their way into the ocean every single year. That’s equivalent to a rubbish truck of plastic waste per minute, and this plastic is slowly turning our oceans inhospitable, unsuitable for the myriad of life which calls it home.

It’s a tragedy, but thankfully, it isn’t a fight that’s being ignored. All over the world, communities, businesses and individuals are banding together to reduce their usage of single plastics, raise awareness and fight back against the waves of plastic detritus in the ocean.

Now, we’re pleased to announce that Lyme Regis is joining the fight. The Plastic Free Lyme Regis campaign is being run by Turn Lyme Green, an organisation which has been promoting sustainable living in Lyme Regis since 2007 and aims to bring the usage of plastic within Lyme Regis down dramatically.

The campaign has kicked off in earnest and earned widespread support from businesses and individuals across the town. At Lyme Bay Holidays, we’re joining in too, reducing the number of single-use plastics in our holiday cottages and encouraging guests to reduce their plastic waste too. But what can you do to help support the campaign and help reduce plastic waste in Lyme Regis? Here are our top tips:


  • Attend a Plastic-Free Lyme Regis Event – Throughout the year, Plastic Free Lyme Regis are hosting fun, family-friendly events which include carnivals, art classes, exhibitions and village fetes. Head along to one and show your support for this amazing, vital cause!


  • Bring your own bags – Holidaying in the UK means being able to bring along things you might not otherwise take on holiday, so why not bring your own shopping bags? Whether they’re bags-for-life, tote bags or even baskets, bring your own bags and help reduce Lyme Regis’ dependence on disposable plastic bags.


  • Carry a reusable water bottle – Saving money and the environment? It’s easier than you think, and it starts with little things like ditching single-use plastic bottles. By carrying your own reusable plastic bottle, you can enjoy free water and help rid Lyme Regis of empty, disposed plastic bottles.


  • Pick up rubbish that you see – Glamorous? Not massively, but by doing your bit and picking up discarded litter that you find in Lyme Regis you’ll contribute massively to the enjoyment of other holidaymakers and the health of the ocean in Lyme Regis.


  • Avoid microbeads – They might be on their way to being banned around the world, but the tiny plastic beads found in many body and facial cleansing products are incredibly harmful to the environment. Check your remaining cleaning products to see if they have these beads and avoid using them if at all possible.