It might not have felt likely just a few months ago, but summer has finally receded from sight, replaced by what has been so far a truly gorgeous autumn.

Here in Lyme Regis, everywhere we look leaves are turning golden shades and the already remarkable beauty and charm of our coastal Dorsetshire town is taking on a dramatic new look.

Though the scenery has always been a huge draw for those visiting our holiday homes in Lyme Regis, there’s more to our historic county than some of the finest views this country has to offer.

So, why should you visit Dorset this autumn? Here are five fantastic reasons.


Amazing Surfing Opportunities

Think sport is just for the summer? You couldn’t be more wrong. As the wind picks up a little in winter and the swell returns to Dorset’s waters, our gorgeous county becomes a haven for those looking to experience the best in British surfing and water sports.

In Lyme Regis, we’re blessed with some of the finest surfing beaches in the country right at our doorstep. Our waves are famous the world over and with our generally warmer weather, you won’t find yourself freezing in the process.


World Class Food Festivals

Dorset is home to some of the UK’s finest food producers, both local and national, and in Autumn we take the opportunity to celebrate them with a number of food festivals dotted across the county, all easily accessed from our Lyme Regis holiday cottages.

There’s a little something for everyone, like the Bridport Vegan Market, Shaftesbury Oktoberfest and Metropole Street Market happening throughout autumn. However, that’s not all, with dozens of smaller events happening across Dorset during the autumn months, just waiting to be discovered.


Incredible Local Walks

Whether you’re with the kids, your significant other or your dog, there’s nothing quite as revitalising as a walk – especially when it’s Dorset’s gorgeous countryside you’re walking through.

Autumn brings an entirely new colour palate to Dorset, transforming familiar sights into fresh experiences. Whether you’re tackling the seven-mile Lyme Regis – Seaton walk or enjoying a stroll through Dorset’s iconic forests, you’ll find that Lyme Regis makes a perfect base for the avid walker.


Traditional Bonfire Celebrations

There are few things are comfortingly traditional in autumn than bonfire night celebrations as bonfire night, and in Lyme Regis, our celebrations don’t disappoint.

This year we’ll be celebrating bonfire night by having a fireworks extravaganza and bonfire right on the beach, with local pubs and restaurants staying open to provide us with fresh, warming food and drink.

Fancy something a little different? Ottery St Mary’s tar barrel celebration sees men and women stay flaming barrels of tar to their back as they run through the town, creating a truly unique visual spectacle.


Dog-Friendly Venues

Taking a holiday doesn’t have to mean abandoning your best friend in the process. Lyme Regis and wider Dorset plays host to countless dog-friendly venues, beaches, walks and more.

Combined with our dog-friendly cottages, there’s no reason why you can’t get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life whilst keeping your dog close by. It’s a big reason why so many choose to take autumn holidays in Lyme Regis!