Going on holiday with the kids is an amazing, stressful, unforgettable, unmissable experience. Our kids bring light to our life, see the every day in fascinating ways and teach us how to be better with every passing day.

It’s why going on holiday with them is so much fun. It’s a time when we can all relax, have fun and enjoy each other without the stresses of work and school to get between us.

Every year, thousands of happy families arrive in Lyme Regis to stay at our family cottages and every year, we’re asked what the best things to do are in Lyme Regis with the kids. That’s why we’ve decided to round up some of our favourite year-round activities that the whole family can get behind. Let’s get started!

Fossil Hunting on Lyme Regis Beach

Lyme Regis makes up part of the legendarily fossil-dense Jurassic Coast, and Lyme Regis beach is home to a huge number of fossils just waiting to be found.

Whether you’re taking in an amazing three-hour Fossil Walk tour (tickets are just £6 for kids and £11 for adults) or heading down to the beach on your own to hunt for ammonites, giant marine reptiles, intricate crinoids, ammonites and even dinosaur remains, you’re certain to have an amazing time.

Discovering the Lyme Regis Marine Museum

The Cobb has long been one of the most important tourist destinations in Lyme Regis (and the centrepiece of Jane Austen’s Persuasion!), but it’s more than just a beautiful piece of construction and design, it’s also home to Lyme Regis Marine Museum.

This traditional, family-run attraction offers visitors an exciting insight into the sea creatures which are found in the local waters of Lyme Regis, with opportunities for hands-on interaction and so much to see and do, you’ll have a blast.

Head Out on a Boat Tour

Whilst there’s plenty to see and do on land in Lyme Regis, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give mention to the reason Lyme Regis is there in the first place – the sea. The harbour at Lyme Regis is the perfect place to jet off from, but if you can’t sail, there’s always one of Lyme Regis’ boat tours.

Found along the Cobb, you’ll find there are countless tours, experiences and fishing expeditions you can go on throughout the year, so give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

Get Close to Dinosaurs at Dinosaurland Fossil Museum

You probably don’t need telling, but kids love dinosaurs. They’re a ticket into a past filled with incredible creatures, scary beasts and unbelievable truths. They’re also a great way to teach kids about the history of the earth too, in a way that’s entertaining and approachable.

Dinosaurland in Lyme Regis, then, is the perfect spot for any budding dinosaur enthusiast with thousands of fossils that were found locally on display, countless educational exhibits and more to see and do that you could possibly fit into a single day.