Lyme Regis is, without a doubt, a superb place to stay in Dorset. With stunning views of the sea, incredible restaurants and spectacularly scenic walks available, it’s often called the ‘Pearl of Dorset’. Renowned for its fossils and thick, cobbled harbour wall featured in Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion, you’ll love your time in our historic little village.

But what other attractions are there in Lyme Regis? Well, with a little help from TripAdvisor, we’ve pulled together what you think the top 10 Lyme Regis attractions are, as of July 2017. Let’s get started!

#1 – The Cobb

This iconic sea wall is a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike, offering spectacular views over the ocean and is a hotspot for Jane Austin and John Fowles fans, both of whom wrote it into classic stories. It’s a free attraction and makes a great walk.

#2 – Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium

Right next to the Cobb is Lyme Regis’ very own Marine Aquarium, presenting the local fish and marine life of the Jurassic Coast in a beautiful, historic building. Perfect for the whole family, and surprisingly interactive!

#3 – The Town Mill

Take a tour in the old town mill and discover the secret history of industry within Lyme Regis. It’s a top day out and even features a working watermill.

#4 – Boat Tours

There are a number of boat tour operators on the coast of Lyme Regis, and each offer something a little unique. Whether you want the thrill of a speedboat tide or the challenge of a fishing excursion, there’s a boat tour for you.

#5 – Dinosaurland Fossil Museum

Lyme Regis is well known for its high fossil density, so it’s only right that it plays host to the Dinosaurland Fossil Museum. Full of incredible, beautifully preserved fossils, it’s a world class natural history exhibit that will fascinate, entertain and educate guests of all ages.

#6 – Lyme Regis Philpot Museum

More fossil fun can be had at the Lyme Regis Philpot Museum, which includes a fantastic fossil walk and countless examples of brilliant fossils.

#7 – Monmouth Beach

This special, rocky beach is the perfect place to have a picnic, but it’s the fossils which truly amaze. Embedded in the walls and in almost every rock are ammonites – examples of ancient life that are wonderful for educating the kids.

#8 – Lyme Regis Undercliff

Enjoy the wonderful views, sea air and visible fossils of the Lyme Regis Undercliff – we’d recommend checking it out just as the sun sets, for some very Instagram-friendly shots.

#9 – Cobb Beach

A delightful, clean and family friendly beach which looks out on to clear and calm waters, making it an ideal choice for those with young families. It’s a pebble beach too, so you and the kids can grab some free mementoes.

#10 – Langmoor and Lister Gardens

Rounding off our list, but by no means least, is Langmoor and Lister Gardens, two spectacular gardens in Lyme Regis. From incredible structures to rare and beautiful plants, it’s a wonderful place to take a walk.