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UK’s Scariest Places

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you are up for a scare or two you might be interested to learn there are plenty of spooky locations in the UK that are perfect for a ghostly break. We gathered a variety of the spookiest data available from Google searches to ghostly encounters, most haunted houses, and terrifying tales from across the UK.

With this data, we can reveal that Lancashire tops the list as the spookiest destination in the UK.

Top Ten Spookiest Destinations

    1. Lancashire
    2. City of London
    3. Edinburgh
    4. Merseyside
    5. Leicestershire
    6. Lincolnshire
    7. Greater London
    8. Bristol
    9. Cheshire
    10. Glasgow


Find out more about each spooky destination in our interactive map.

To break it down a little further, we have also compiled lists of the top haunted locations, the best locations to find ghosts and the locations that make the spookiest Google searches.


Ghostly Encounters

If you’re a fan of ghosts, you may want to check out the following locations in the hopes of a spooky encounter this Halloween:

1. Greater London
2. Scottish Borders
3. Berkshire
4. Lincolnshire
5. Northumberland


Haunted Locations

If paying a visit to as many haunted locations as possible is more up your alley then you might want to put Edinburgh at the top of your lists as it boasts the most haunted locations of anywhere in the UK with 23 locations. The top 5 UK destinations with the most haunted locations are:

1. Edinburgh
2. Buckinghamshire
3. Cheshire
4. Lancashire
5. West Yorkshire


Spooky Google Searches

And finally, if you’re from any of these locations you’re probably well versed in the spooky and supernatural – as here we have the top locations for spooky Google searches:

1. City of London
2. Glasgow
3. Bristol
4. Leicestershire
5. Balnau Gwent

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Data was sourced using Google search data, destinations for filming from popular show Most Haunted, known locations of ghosts and haunted houses, along with National Trust haunted locations.