Holidays are what many of us live for. Between work commitments, hectic family lives and the everyday pressures which bother us all, the promise of getting away and taking a week or two to relax, unwind and explore somewhere new is what keeps us going.

For many of us though, we simply can’t imagine a holiday without our fuzzy little best friends – our dogs. For those of us who are devoted to our delightful pups, the thought of heading out for adventure without them is barely worth entertaining.

It’s why dog-friendly holidays are more popular than ever, but what should you be looking for in your dog-friendly holiday?

A Location in Within the UK

Whilst it’s entirely possible to get yourself outfitted with a pet passport and sort out the legal requirements in order to take your beloved dog to another country, the practicalities of that are often too bothersome to deal with.

Coupled with the fact that many countries require a quarantine period upon arrival and you’ve got plenty of reasons to avoid taking your dog abroad. However, whilst foreign locations might be off the menu, there’s plenty to love about holidays within the UK.

Our Dorset and Devon based pet-friendly holidays offer amazing scenery, world-class beaches, wonderful cities, tremendous dining experiences, alongside some of the best weather in the country. Quite simply, the UK makes for the perfect UK holiday location.

Dog-Friendly Accommodation

Obvious though it may be, ensuring that your holiday destination is comfortable with your dog coming along for the trip is absolutely essential.

Attempting to sneak your dog into rented accommodation might seem like a smart idea at first, but if you’re caught you’ll find yourself either expelled from the property, made to house your dog elsewhere or fined significantly for breaking the terms of your contract.

Dog-friendly accommodation doesn’t merely mean that the property allows your dog on-site though because the ideal dog-friendly property includes essentials like doggy beds, bowls, toys and space for the dog to play outside safely.

Amazing Outdoors Spaces

City breaks are all well and good for us humans, but for our canine companions they’re less than ideal thanks to the hard-concrete pavements and limited space to explore off the leash.

That’s why we always recommend taking to the countryside for your dog-friendly holiday escape. From vast open grasslands to endless golden beaches via knotty, wildlife-filled forests, the countryside makes for a sensory wonderland for your dog as well as for yourself and your fellow holidayers.

Best of all, because you’re taking a holiday within the UK, you’ll more than likely have your own vehicle with you, making for travel between locations a snip.

Dog Friendly Activities

More than just somewhere to explore outside though, you need a holiday location where your dog will be welcomed inside too. With hundreds of pubs, beaches, National Trust properties and more which welcome four-legged friends in Dorset and Devon, you’re never short of a rainy-day opportunity to take your dog out for an experience neither of you will forget in a hurry.