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Just what is it that draws millions of people from across the world to Dorset every year?

Could it be the iconic, biscuit-tin landscape? Perhaps it’s the restaurants serving up award-winning, fresh and season foods? We’re willing to bet there are a million reasons why people head to our Dorset cottages for their holidays, but for a certain section of our guests, there’s only one thing they’re here for – the waves.

Dorset is blessed with some of the finest beaches in Europe and waves which make it a dream location for surfers of all skill levels.

From Lyme Bay to Highcliffe, there are 13 surfing beaches across Dorset which combine spectacular scenery, wonderful amenities and unbeatable wave conditions. In this guide, we’ll be sharing with you the 14 Dorset surfing beaches, and which ones we recommend for surfers in 2018.

Which Dorset beaches are surfer friendly?

There’s a total of 14 beaches in Dorset which are recognised surfing beaches, they are:

  • Harbour Rockley Sand Poole
  • Bournemouth Pier
  • Fisherman’s Walk Bournemouth
  • Cobb Lyme Regis
  • Highcliffe
  • Southbourne Bournemouth
  • Kimmeridge Bay
  • Durlston Point
  • Alum Chine Bournemouth
  • Durley Chine Bournemouth
  • East Cliff Bournemouth
  • West Bay West
  • West Bay East
  • Boscombe Pier Bournemouth

Those beaches run the gamut from intimate, calm beaches to big, popular bathing and surfing spots. But which are our personal favourites?

Dorset’s best surfing spots.

Dorset’s natural offshore reed means that waves form well without significant groundswell, but nonetheless, there are still some spots which shine just that little bit brighter. Here are our favourite local spots:

The Cobb, Lyme Regis

Serving up delightful surfing conditions throughout the majority of the year, Lyme Regis’ Harbour Wall offers an exposed point break with unreliable waves which are best enjoyed during the winter months. The high number of reefs ensure predictable breaking sets and very easy paddle outs and closer to the harbour smaller waves make for an introduction to surfing for beginners.

Although smaller than many beaches in the area, The Cobb makes up for its size disadvantage with a little something for everyone.

Kimmeridge Bay

A somewhat legendary surfing location in the UK, Kimmeridge Bay is a short drive from our holiday cottages and is home to some of the very best waves and scenery in the country. The bay, which lacks any sort of beach, has long played host to wind and traditional surfers, but also divers too, who make use of the spectacularly clear waters and dramatic aquatic wildlife.

Parking is just a few minutes from the slipway and the waves are known to reach as high as fifteen feet! You’ll love the extremely consistent, long mellow waves, which are best enjoyed during winter.

Highcliffe Beach

Just west of Bournemouth is Highcliffe Beach, which boasts dramatic and stunning views out over Christchurch Bay and the Isle of Wight. However, it’s not the view’s we’re interested in today.

The beach offers variable surfing conditions which suit both left and right-handers with an even mixture of wind swells and groundswells, which make it an excellent all-round beach, regardless of your skill level.