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dog standing in front of Durdle Door in Dorset

Dog ownership is, all at once, both brilliant and stressful. They’re our best buds, but we’re charged with their care and, sometimes, that means making some pretty panic-inducing decisions – especially when it comes to going on holiday.

Traditionally, your options in these scenarios aren’t exactly ideal. We can either leave our pups in kennels, with friends or with family, all of which come with their own downsides.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Lyme Bay Holidays, we know just how important your dogs are because we know how important our dogs are to us. That’s why we have a wide range of dog-friendly cottages in Dorset and Devon.

It ensures that you can enjoy the holiday of your dreams without sacrificing the safety, comfort and happiness of your dog. But why should you bring your dog on holiday? Here are some of the most popular reasons from our guests.


Taking a holiday means taking a break from work, so keeping costs down is essential – especially in tough economic times.

By bringing your dog on holiday with you, you can save hundreds of pounds in kennel fees, which is money that you can then spend in the Michelin-starred restaurants which dot Devon and Dorset.

Peace of Mind

Having your dog by your side is more than just fun, it’s a huge source of peace of mind. You know where your dog it at all times, so there are no nervous calls, anxious nights and uncomfortable thoughts.

It might sound like a little thing, but it can dramatically improve the holiday experience.


It should go without saying, but exploring England with a dog by your side is an experience that really can’t be topped. They’re the most inquisitive, eager and excitable friends we’ll ever have and their presence makes any walk just that little bit more fun.

There’s nothing quite like seeing your dog have the time of their life exploring the south coast’s many wonders whilst you take it all in.


For those of us with kids, we all know that getting young ones to settle quickly into a new location can prove difficult.

For our part, we do our best to make sure every one of our holiday cottages is a warm, comfortable and happy place to stay, but some kids simply won’t settle down unless they’ve got their home comforts with them.

Often, that means their trusty dog by their side. We’ve seen first hand just how kids react to new experiences when they’ve got their pet with them, and it truly warms the heart.


Just like us, dogs can feel tired, stressed out and lonely from time to time, especially when they’re without us for extended periods – like when we’re at work.

By taking your dog on holiday, you’re not only gaining from the experience, but your dogs are too – getting to explore new environments with their best friends and enjoy a break from their everyday lives.