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If you have a Devon holiday let and you’re looking for Devon holiday let management options, Lyme Bay Holidays can help.

We have over 30 years’ of experience and over 350 properties across East Devon and Dorset. We know a thing or two about managing holiday changeovers.

Read our guide to Devon holiday let management and options for you to consider.

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Fully managed holiday let option

If you are a property owner that doesn’t live within a commutable proximity to your holiday let, you may want to consider a fully managed holiday option for your holiday home.

At Lyme Bay Holidays we exist to make holiday letting a stress free as possible. Paired with our years of experience, many of our owners choose this option for ease.

We assign our owners with their own property manager who oversees their property for any queries of issues they or their guests may have.

During peak season, you may get through 3 changeovers a week which can be high maintenance. By choosing this option, you can rest assure your property manager has your property’s best interest.

Part of this service is housekeeping which consists of cleaning and the changing of linen during each changeover. This means you as an owner can relax knowing everything is being taken care of and if we do need anything from you, we’ll be in touch.

Partially managed holiday let option

If you’re happy to carry out the regular maintenance required on your holiday home, but are interested in offloading the washing and cleaning, the partially managed holiday let option would work for you.

You’ll also be able to benefit from both Lyme Bay Holidays. Our parent company Sykes Holiday Cottages’ local and national marketing benefits plus control your bookings from your owner portal.

You can be assured no matter how many changeovers you have in one week, our housekeeping team will look after them for you.

Owner-managed holiday let option

If you live within reasonable distance to your holiday home or perhaps its within your land or adjoining the property you reside in, you may like to manage your holiday let yourself.

Alternatively, you may have or wish to employ your own housekeeper to look after your changeovers. If you wish to do your holiday let changeovers yourself, bear in mind the tie this might create. You will need to be available on changeover days, affecting holidays and time of you may have planned.

You’ll also need to juggle the maintenance of your property as well as the changeovers unless you look to employ a property manager for this.

However, if you decide this option is best for you, you will still benefit immensely from Lyme Bay Holidays as your holiday let agent.

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