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Cottage Owners

Cottage Owners

14th June 2024

Starting your Holiday Letting Journey

Embarking on a holiday letting journey offers a promising opportunity for generating a secondary income while securing a delightful...

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16th May 2024

Best Places to Buy a Holiday Let in West Dorset

Owning a holiday let can serve as a significant investment while offering the joy of a personal retreat in...

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8th March 2024

Dorset Holiday Letting Insights for 2024

More than 50 Lyme Bay Holidays owners and visitors gathered for a fully-booked holiday let insights event in January,...

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Cottage Owners
8 months ago

A Guide to Dorset Holiday Let Management

When choosing to buy a holiday let, you might be wondering where to start with holiday let management. Some...

Cottage Owners
9 months ago

Holiday Let Insights Event in Dorset

Lyme Bay Holidays are teaming up with Dream Cottages to share their expertise in a brand-new Holiday Let Insights...

Cottage Owners
10 months ago

Farmland Diversification for Holiday Letting

Farmland Diversification for holiday letting is increasing across Dorset and Devon. Farming has changed the landscape of Britain yet...

Cottage Owners perfect holiday cottages
11 months ago

How to set up a holiday let business

If you have a second home or current property that you’re interested in holiday letting, read our guide on...

Cottage Owners
12 months ago

Best places to buy a holiday home in Devon

If you’re looking to buy a holiday home in Devon, this is the guide for you. From the village...

Cottage Owners
1 year ago

How to make an eco-friendly holiday let in Dorset

If you’re looking to make an eco-friendly holiday let in Dorset or make a few simple changes to your...