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Owning a holiday let can serve as a significant investment while offering the joy of a personal retreat in some of the most picturesque locations. Among the crucial factors for success is selecting the right location, where West Dorset shines, as an ideal choice.

Read on for our top tips about where to purchase in the West Dorset area for a profitable holiday let opportunity. Talk to us at Lyme Bay Holidays for a free pricing appraisal or mortgage letter to support your property purchase. To find out more about Lyme Bay Holidays, download your free owner pack here.

Why Buy a Holiday Let in West Dorset?

West Dorset boasts an impressive blend of breathtaking landscapes, historic charm, and a thriving tourism industry. The region’s natural beauty and vibrant communities make it one of the best locations to buy a holiday let in West Dorset.

Introduction to the Area

West Dorset is renowned for its rolling hills, coastal views, and rustic appeal. The region’s allure lies in its tranquil countryside, fossil-rich beaches, and the ancient market towns dotting the landscape.

Lifestyle, Nature, & Weather

The lifestyle in West Dorset is a blend of leisure and adventure. Residents and visitors find solace in the lush greenery and coastal paths that wind through the countryside. It’s common to see people engaging in activities like sailing, fossil hunting, and hiking.

The weather, marked by mild winters and warm summers, enhances the experience of living or staying here, allowing the natural beauty to be appreciated year-round.


West Dorset offers a rich itinerary for history buffs with sites like the Maiden Castle, one of Europe’s largest and most complex Iron Age hillforts. For literary enthusiasts, towns such as Lyme Regis, associated with Jane Austen and John Fowles, provide a deep dive into England’s literary past.

The Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a magnet for geologists and nature lovers with its fossil-strewn beaches and striking geological formations like Durdle Door.


The amenities of West Dorset cater to modern comforts while respecting the region’s historical essence. Farm-to-table restaurants showcase local produce, and artisanal bakeries and craft markets offer a taste of the local artistry.

Healthcare, banking, and shopping are conveniently available, reflecting the area’s commitment to providing a high quality of life without surrendering its rural character.


Getting to and around West Dorset is straightforward, thanks to an extensive network of roads and public transport. Train services link the area to London and other major cities, while local bus services provide regional connectivity. For international visitors, regional airports offer a gateway to this tranquil part of Britain.


Tourism is a cornerstone of West Dorset’s economy. The blend of natural beauty, historic sites, and cultural events draws diverse visitors. The area’s accommodation sector thrives with a mix of luxury hotels, cosy bed and breakfasts, and holiday lets. Significant draws include events like the Bridport Literary Festival and the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Average Pricing and Potential Income

The holiday let market in West Dorset is robust, with competitive pricing reflecting the area’s desirability. On average, properties can range from quaint cottages to expansive country homes, with prices to match. However, the potential for rental income is promising due to the region’s year-round appeal.

Places to Buy a Holiday Let in West Dorset

Within Lyme Bay’s service area, towns such as Bridport, Beaminster, Charmouth and Whitchurch Canonicorum stand out as prime locations. These spots offer scenic beauty and community warmth, making them hotspots for buying a holiday let property.

Considerations When Buying a Holiday Let Property

The Penthouse (Ref. 1106082)

When buying a holiday let in West Dorset or elsewhere, consider the property’s potential for year-round appeal, size, and facilities and how it fits into the local rental market. Remember to align your choice with periods of high demand, like May half-term breaks.

Consider your time as an element to purchasing. Will you be looking after the property yourself or perhaps you’d like a fully managed service option which is where an agency like us at Lyme Bay Holidays, can help.

Buying a holiday let property in West Dorset

West Bay Beach

Buying a holiday let property in West Dorset presents an enticing opportunity. For insights into buying a holiday, let’s peruse experiences and tips like those shared on our Lyme Bay Holidays blog about buying a holiday let in Lyme Regis.

Owning a holiday home in this region can be a fulfilling investment with the right approach. Discover more about the area’s diverse offerings by exploring Dorset holiday cottages to find your perfect investment spot.