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yellow Labrador Retriever standing on ground during dog walk

For many of us, the only thing which makes a great view better is seeing our four-legged friends screaming across it the very moment we let them off their leashes.

Exploring the world with a dog at your side is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to travel and here in Devon, we’re blessed with some of the very best dog walking routes in the world. From abandoned railway lines to stunning beaches, there’s a richness of variety that’s found in Devon’s wildlife which simply isn’t found anywhere else in the country.

It’s a huge reason why our dog-friendly cottages remain enduringly popular throughout the year, with space for the pup to play and all the luxurious home comforts you’d expect from our holiday cottages.

But if you’re bringing your dog to Devon for the first time and want to see the best of what this historic county has to offer, where are the best dog walking routes? Join us as we share a few of our favourites.


Hooken Cliffs

The South West Coast Path is a jewel in the Devon crown, running an astonishing 630 miles of South coast scenery and taking in a startling variety of landscapes. Whilst your dog might be up for the full 630-mile stretch though, realistically, you’re better off tackling it in smaller chunks.

One especially delightful stretch near our holiday cottages is Hooken Cliffs. This 4.1-mile ramble through Hooken Undercliffe reveals the site of a landslip in 1790, which today is a tumbled landscape of spectacular white stone and lush vegetation.

Along the clifftop, you’ll enjoy stunning views in every direction and best of all, East Beach in Beer is dog-friendly, so there’s nowhere along the walk you’ll need to avoid.


Branscombe to Beer

Devon is known for a great many things, but did you know that it’s also home to the Jurassic Coast – a vast stretch of coastline which hosts fossils from the Mesozoic Era, the age of giant reptiles and dinosaurs over 66 million years ago?

Branscombe to Beer is a walk which reveals a remarkable chunk of that vital landscape, beginning in Branscombe village, passing through the old Forge, bakery and Manor Mill before heading out to Branscombe beach, where you’ll find the 13,500 kg anchor of the MSC Napoli, which famously ran aground in 2007. Eventually, you’ll reach the gorgeous town of Beer.

It’s not a short walk at 6 miles, but it is absolutely incredible and should be attempted by anyone who’s capable.


Salcombe Hill

Don’t have time (or the energy) for a lengthy walk? Don’t panic, because there’s no shortage of short trails to walk.

One of our personal favourites is Salcombe Hill. Taking in gorgeous views of the Jurassic Coast and leading out onto a viewing point with views over Sidmouth and even out into Dorset, this 30-40 minute 1-mile walk is perfect for stretching your legs before you wander down to a dog-friendly pub for a hearty lunch.

Beginning and ending at a car park, it’s the perfect easy walk for the whole family.