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Autumn in Lyme Regis

When you think of holidays, what is it that first springs to mind? Time away from the stresses and strains of work commitments? A chance to spend quality time with those that you care about?

For many people, holidays are about sunshine – which is why for some of us, taking an autumn holiday in England might well take a little convincing.

Well, the good news is that that’s exactly why we’re here. We’re firm believers in Britain as a stunning holiday destination for autumn holidays. But what makes our splendid country so perfect for holidays in September, October and November? Let’s take a look.

The UK is Made for Autumn

If you were to paint the UK during spring and summer, you’d need plenty of green to capture its essence. We’re a beautifully verdant country, but during autumn that all changes as the colour palate shifts dramatically into rich auburn, browns, purples and yellows.

It’s nature which has inspired a million poets, painters and filmmakers, and it’s an honour to explore it during the crisp autumn months.

Whether you’re taking in the views over Dorset and Devon’s incredible coastline, foraging for fresh mushrooms in the stunning autumnal forests of Britain or simply enjoying the crisp countryside which makes up much of our nation, the UK is a stunning place to explore after the heat of summer.

Romance is in the Air

The cooler air, the shorter nights and the endless evenings spent sharing a drink around roaring fires have a curious habit of making the autumn feel truly romantic. We stick just that little closer together, hold hands and take in the sights together.

From our self catering holiday cottages, you can explore the majesty of Britain’s countryside and coastline in total comfort – and privacy. Every year we welcome hundreds of couples as they head for their autumn holidays, so why not join them and see what Dorset and Devon have to offer?

Amazing Indoor Attractions

Unlike countries which enjoy sunshine throughout the year (although not always warmth with it), the UK’s often rainy weather means that there’s a whole world of indoor attractions to discover when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Whether it’s award-winning museums, astonishing country homes or simply quaint, old-fashioned country villages stuffed with charming shops to explore.

Traditional Celebrations

This nation of ours is an ancient one and, throughout the centuries, we’ve developed some traditions which have stuck around. Traditional autumn evening celebrations like bonfire night are enjoyed across the country, but you’ll also find local celebrations which have survived through the ages, which make for truly unmissable evenings.

Evenings like the Tar Barrels of Ottery St. Mary, held on the 5th of November. With a mysterious history that’s hundreds of years old, the evening features tar barrels are set ablaze and carried on the back of residents, creating a stunning display that really has to be seen to be believed. It’s just one of the hundreds of local traditions which are observed throughout autumn!