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If you’re looking to make an eco-friendly holiday let in Dorset or make a few simple changes to your existing holiday let – this is the blog for you.

At Lyme Bay Holidays, we understand that maintaining a holiday let takes time and investment. If you’re just getting started on your holiday let journey, we’re here to help guide you.

By making some small changes to an existing property, you can also benefit financially and ethically by saving money and appealing to more guests.

Energy efficient holiday let quick wins

Light bulbs

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to lower your carbon footprint is to swap out all bulbs for energy efficient ones. LED bulbs are durable and long lasting but also use up to 75% less energy.

By putting new LED bulbs in your holiday let, you’ll have less maintenance and guest complaints surrounding blown light bulbs in your property.

Flow restrictors

By installing a flow restrictor on bathroom showers, you can save up to 40% less water than a regular shower.


When selecting appliances, ensuring they are of the highest energy efficiency such as A++ will pay off in the long run.

You can also request in your property’s welcome pack that guests use eco-mode as much as possible. By highlighting your mission for change and sustainability, your guests will be more bought into monitoring their daily actions.

Electric car charging

You could also look to install an electric car charger to your home for guests who are opting to be more eco-conscious by driving an electric car.

Eco-friendly ways to heat your holiday home

Ditch the halogen heaters and ensure your holiday home is properly insulated. Materials such as sheep’s wool, organic cotton and hemp are leading the way as eco-friendly insulation products.

This way, your guests will be less inclined to turn up the heating. That being said, in winter months, your guests may wish to use the heating still. By setting a timing for check-in for an hour, it will ensure your property is warm for their arrival. In turn, this should deter them from turning it up and leaving on for long periods of time.

Other things you can do, if your property isn’t listed, is to install double glazed windows and doors. If this isn’t an option, you may want to replace the seals around the doors and windows instead. This way, any drafts are kept at bay. You could also consider installing solar panels to reduce bills on your holiday home.


Your property should have recycling bins and boxes for your guests to sort through their rubbish. You can help them by clearly labelling bins within the household.

Where possible, you could also leave recyclable bags for them to take to the beach or to the shops. Ditch any plastic cutlery in the drawers or single use plastics such as drinking straws and replace with reusable items.

You could leave items for guests to use and return to your property such as reusable buckets and spades, reusable drinking bottles and bamboo items. Metal bucket bbqs are great to take to the beach and will stop guests buying single use foil ones.

You can switch items such as milk from plastic to glass bottles and look to include tea leaves with strainer spoons or cotton reusable teabags also.

By using products around your holiday home such as soap and washing up liquid in recyclable or sustainable materials, your guests will understand your eco-friendly mindset from the get-go.

Water saving techniques for your holiday home

If you have a garden at your holiday home, it makes sense to install a water butt and have access to watering cans for guests and gardeners alike.

Throughout the summer months, some regions experience hosepipe bans so you can alleviate this issue by recycling your water collected from rainfall.

If you’re looking at including a hot tub in the garden or terrace area of your property, an outdoor bath could work better. It uses less water as you won’t need to change it after each guest plus the cleaning and maintenance will be minimal.

Market your eco-friendly holiday let with Lyme Bay Holidays

At Lyme Bay Holidays, we offer free pricing appraisals for holiday lets and we’d love to supply one for you.

Get in touch today and see how much money you could be making from your eco-friendly holiday let. Download your free owner pack here.