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When it comes to purchasing a holiday property, you will need to name your holiday home if you are looking to holiday let it.

A name provides a personality for your property but also, helps for guests to find the property on a street and for SEO purposes.

Read on for the Lyme Bay Holidays guide on how to name your holiday home.


If your holiday home is located by the sea, seek inspiration from that! Names such as Ocean Watch, Seaside Retreat and Lyme Bay View are great choices.

If you’re surrounded by countryside, names such as Meadow Retreat, Ivy Lodge and Valley View reflect the environment well.

By calling your property something relating to the area they are within will give guests more insight to the area your holiday home resides.


Lyme Regis is steeped in history with female palentologist Mary Anning being a notable figure of the town. Naming your holiday home after historical figures or landmarks is great for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Names such as Anning Cottage, Cobb View and Jurassic Retreat are great names that reflect the local history and landmarks.

Property features

If your property was a functioning mill, stable or something of importance, naming your holiday home after this communicates to guests its features.

Names such as The Old Mill, Staddles and Blacksmith Cottage are great examples of names that pay homage to their previous duties.

Pet names

If you’re looking to be a pet-friendly holiday home, naming your property after a current or past pet is a lovely touch.

This brings personality and a story to your property, making guests form a connection with your holiday home. Therefore, creating a personal connection can result in repeat bookings.

Names such as Charlie’s Rest, Rupert’s Cottage and Henry’s View are adorable names.

Floral and wildlife names

Seashell Cottage, Blossom House and Seahorse Apartment are names that invoke romance. If your holiday home is cosy and cute, these are great names to choose from.

Perhaps you have a garden full of roses or lavender which you could consider also.

Naming your property after local flora and fauna is a beautiful tribute to the gorgeous surroundings.

How to name your Dorset and Devon Holiday Home

If you’re still struggling for inspiration on how to name your Dorset and Devon holiday home, at Lyme Bay Holidays we are here to help.

From a free pricing appraisal, we’ll assist you every step of the way on your holiday letting journey.