The daily grind put some stresses and strains on our relationships. Pressures at work, commitments to family and friends and the myriad other issues which plague us during our everyday lives all mean that every now and then, it’s important that you get away and revel in each other’s company.

Cosy romantic breaks can revitalise relationships and, at the very least, they give you the chance to break away from the every day and experience the joy and freedom of a shared holiday.

At Lyme Bay Holidays, we have almost 200 stunning holiday cottages for couples, located along remarkable the Dorset and Devon coastline, with a property to suit just about every taste and requirement (most are dog-friendly), but what can you expect to do on a cost romantic break in Dorset and Devon?


Stunning Walks

From your base in our cosy and comfortable holiday cottages, you have access to some of the very best walks in the entire country. On your doorstep are thousands of miles of country and seaside walks taking in a huge variety of landscapes.

Along the way, you’ll find country homes, stunningly preserved castles, sweeping valleys and dramatic coastline. It’s all part of the experience of the south-west coast. More than that though, the coast is a Designated Area of International Importance for Earth Sciences thanks to the incredibly fossil-dense soil and stones underfoot.

Frankly, it’s a joy to explore hand-in-hand and with countless little pubs, bars and restaurants dotted throughout the countryside, you’ll doubtlessly stumble across somewhere special too.


Amazing Towns & Cities

Much is made of the countryside that Dorset and Devon enjoy, but there’s much more to those counties than the flora, fauna and terrain that has captured the hearts of millions throughout history.

Just a stones-throw from our holiday cottages are some of the hottest destinations on the south coast like historic Lyme Regis, stunning Exeter and huge holiday destinations like Weymouth and Torquay. Hop in the car, on the train or in the bus and you’ll be there in no time.

So, whether you’re interested in a little retail therapy, catching some cultural highlights or simply taking in the sights, you’re certain to find it on the south-west coast.


Award-Winning Dining

We’re blessed to have some of the very finest, freshest ingredients in the country right at our doorstep. From hand-reared lambs to sustainably caught dish, the produce created in Dorset and Devon is the envy of the nation.

Of course, all of that great produce would go to waste if it weren’t being cooked by the right chefs and, thankfully, Dorset and Devon have some of the best in the world. With five Michelin-starred restaurants in Devon alone and hundreds of acclaimed, local restaurants serving everything from pizza to plaice, there’s certain to be a restaurant for you.

Intimate, cosy and deeply romantic restaurants are something of a south coast speciality, so why not join us at one of our holiday cottages?