For most people, holidays are a sacred thing. They’re our chance to get away from it all and simply enjoy ourselves with family, friends or on our own – they give us the mental space to relax and have fun.

But that doesn’t mean just any old location will – oh no, the right location is absolutely essential to the experience.

From cruises to camping and city breaks to countryside jaunts, there are countless potential ways to holiday, but what about a break in a coastal cottage? It’s a classic holiday location for a reason, but why should you take a holiday in one? Here’s some fantastic reasons.

The UKs coastline is stunning

The UK might not get all the plaudits it should do for its varied and stunning coastline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it. Our coastal cottages offer amazing access to some of the very best beaches in the country like Weymouth Beach, winner of the 2017 Travellers Choice award for beaches.

It’s not just for looking pretty either, because the beaches of Devon and Dorset also offer fantastic opportunities for surfers, divers and other water sports enthusiasts.

Home comforts are never beyond reach

Holidays are wonderful, but being stuck in navigating a hotel with hundreds of other guests often isn’t. With a coastal cottage at Lyme Regis, you can enjoy the freedom, privacy and comforts of having your own space that you can call your own.

That freedom means bringing your dog along for the trip, making breakfast on your own schedule and getting home at whatever hour you please after an evening in the local pub without fear of waking up the neighbours.

You’ll feel like a local

By opting for a coastal cottage, you’ll enjoy the full local experience, rather than that of a mere tourist.

Lyme Regis and its surrounding areas are extremely welcoming, but even still, being in cramped tourist accommodation is no way to really enjoy your experience. The beauty of taking a coastal cottage holiday is that you can fully explore the area at your own pace, and with the freedom of a true local.

You’ll always love the food

Self-catering means that you’ll always love what you’re about to eat. Fresh fish from the market and delicious local scrumpy and other local delights are all on the menu, and with so many world-class suppliers nearby, you’re in for a culinary delight whether you cook at home or sample one of the local restaurants.