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boats on beach in beer town in devon

Every year Devon welcomes millions of people to its gorgeous landscape. Replete with unbeatable coastline, world-class attractions, history, restaurants and endless rolling scenery, Devon is a top traditional holiday destination for countless people around the globe.

With the UK enjoying some truly stunning weather, there’s never been a better time to say no to expensive, complicated overseas holiday and check out what the UK has to offer instead. It’s why we offer amazing Devon rental cottages right on the coast, so you can enjoy everything Devon has to offer.

The only real issue, however, is deciding where to go once you’re in Devon.

With so many amazing cities, towns and villages in the historic county, choosing which ones to visit whilst you’re here can be a difficulty. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are our top towns to visit whilst in Devon:

Lyme Regis

Home to the world-famous Cobb wall, with its starring role in Jane Austen’s last novel (Persuasion), Lyme Regis is a must visit for anyone spending time in Dorset, but there’s more to see and do there than just visit the wall.

A vital part of the Jurassic Coast, Lyme Regis’ beaches are home to countless fossils – amazing for kids and adults alike – and its mixture of boutique shops, stunning scenery and amazing restaurants make it an amazing place to stay. There’s a reason why Lyme Regis has been a popular holiday spot for hundreds of years!

Ottery St Mary

Something of a literary muse for countless writers, Ottery St Mary is a wonderful place to spend a day. With a gorgeous church, countless charming buildings, lovely cafes and more, it’s a great place to visit.

However, it’s the tar barrel rolling which is what makes Ottery St Mary so notable. Every year, barrels are painted with tar, set alight and rolled downhill, creating an unbelievable spectacle on the south coast that simply has to be seen to be believed.


One of the oldest and most lovely seaside towns in Devon, Exmouth sits at the point where the river Exe meets the sea and is just a stones-throw away from the excitement of Exeter. Whilst the town itself boasts plenty to see and do, it’s best known for being a top spot for beach lovers.

The town enjoys more than 2 miles of pristine beaches with soft, golden sands and exceptional water conditions which make it ideal for water sports, in particular, kite surfing, windsurfing and kayaking, although it’s also ideally suited to swimming.


Although it might share a name with the nations favourite tipple, Beer isn’t where the drink was invented. It is, however, a stunning place to enjoy one thanks to its white chalk cliffs, gorgeous shingle beach and a myriad of attractions.

Located at the end of the South West Coast Path, Beer is home to some of the best walks in the country with views that simply can’t be forgotten in a hurry. In fact, Countryfile recently named Beer as the top picnic spot in the UK, so why not head down to Beer and take in the sights?

Of course, these are but a handful of the countless amazing towns in Devon. Don’t believe us? Take a trip and discover for yourself!