Booking Terms and Conditions


Please read these conditions carefully and in full before booking.



Lyme Bay Holidays are agents acting on behalf of the Owner/s of the properties.

Booking reservations of holiday accommodation from the internet, in person, via email, by telephone or in writing are agreed under the following booking conditions. Lyme Bay Holidays are responsible for the administration of this booking. We will try as far as possible to resolve any problems that may occur but any dispute relating to the property/holiday itself will be a matter directly between you (the Hirer) and the Owner. The booking conditions stated here are the basis of the said contract.

Booking reservations made through 3rd party affiliate sites will be booked under their booking conditions. These booking conditions are the conditions to which the Hirer must adhere to in full but cancellation and payment policies and/or conditions may differ. Please contact Lyme Bay Holidays should you wish confirmation or information on 3rd party/affiliate booking conditions or refer to the 3rd party/affiliate website.

Before you book a property please ensure that you check with us any points of particular interest to your party e.g. distance from amenities, facilities, locations, number of steps, traffic noise, access etc. If you have any queries regarding the property, area or of any nature whatsoever please ask, we are a local company with access to and knowledge of, all our properties and if we don’t know the answer to your query we will find out before you enter into the contract with the Owners.




Lyme Bay Holidays (LBH) are agents acting on behalf of the Owner/s (the Owner) of the properties in the letting of their property to you (the Hirer). When the Hirer makes a booking through LBH you enter into a contract with the Owner. LBH do not own any of the properties it acts for as an agent and are not principals in the matter. The contract of hire is between the Hirer and the Owner of the property and is subject to these booking conditions. The contract of hire begins when confirmed in writing by LBH. Confirmed bookings are not transferable between properties.

The property Owner or representative/s will be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time during occupancy.





The contact name and person of the Hirer making the booking must be 21 years of age or over, and agrees to be responsible for the party occupying the property and is authorised to agree to all the booking conditions of hire on behalf of all members of the party.

You, the Hirer, acknowledge that LBH staff do not have any authority to change these booking conditions or any of its printed matter and that you as the Hirer have no right or remedy in respect of and have not relied on statement, assurance or warranty (whether in negligence or innocence) other than set out in these booking conditions or any LBH printed matter.

Before booking please ensure that you as the Hirer check any points of particular interest to your party e.g. distance from amenities, facilities, locations, number of steps, traffic noise, access etc. The map provided in the brochure and on the website you can use as a guide to the properties location as it should be in this vicinity. We do try to assist in ensuring that you have chosen the most suitable property for your party but the ultimate responsibility is yours as the Hirer and if you are unsure about any aspect of your selection please contact us for advice before booking. We reserve the right to refuse to accept bookings at our discretion where we believe that such a booking would not be in the best interests of the Owner and/or the Hirer.

We are unable to accept bookings from all male or female parties of more than three people unless by special arrangement – please call us before booking.

All bookings are accepted on the clear understanding that the property is taken for holiday purposes only and is not used for any other purposes and must be vacated by the agreed time and date.

Occupation of the property will be from the check-in time on your travel detail information. For all properties the check-in time is either 4pm or 5pm. You must vacate the property by 9am/10am on the departure date. Failure to depart by 10 am will result in you being charged a further day’s proportionate holiday cost at the prevailing cost into which the you, the Hirer’s, occupation extends and any further costs incurred for unauthorised extension of tenancy including the full cost, including all administration and accommodation charges, of LBH having to re-locate another guest(s).

The number of people occupying the property must not exceed the number shown on the confirmation or that advertised as the maximum on the website. All party members must be named on the booking. The Hirer must not part with possession of the property or share it, except with members of the party stated on the booking form. The property must not be used for any commercial purpose. The Owner and LBH reserve the right to refuse admission or terminate the tenancy without notice and enter the property and end the tenancy without refund for a breach of use as set out above. A charge may also be levied for any extra persons.




If the booking is made 12 or more weeks before the holiday commences a deposit of one-third of the total cost plus the booking fee is required. A non-refundable booking fee of £35 is charged on very booking.

LBH accept all Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards. Unfortunately we do not accept (but not limited to) payment via; American Express, JCB, Union Pay, Diners Club International or Discover cards.

Deposits paid are not refundable unless the conditions of repayment of cancellation are met (see section 5. Cancellation)

Requests for a property transfer can only be handled as a cancellation and will be dealt with under the cancellation procedure (see section 5. Cancellation)

Once the booking has been received and receipted in writing by Lyme Bay Holidays any balance payment and security deposit (if applicable) will be due 12 weeks before the holiday commences. If the balance payment has not been received by the due date LBH reserve the right, after taking all reasonable steps to contact the Hirer, to re-sell the holiday and the holiday will be treated as a cancellation.

Some properties require a security deposit to be held by LBH before occupation. If this is the case it is clearly stated in the property details. Reasonable charges will be applied against the deposit for any repairs, replacement and any required additional cleaning. This will include all bed linen and towels. If the property provides a barbecue this should also be left clean, failure to do so will result in the Hirer being charged for cleaning.

Where a security deposit has been paid and is due to be refunded either in part or full, this will be administrated within 7 working days from departure date.

Accidental, criminal or wilful damage will be chargeable to the Hirer either from the security deposit and/or directly after the holiday.

Lyme Bay Holidays reserve the right to change prices quoted due to errors or omissions.

VAT where applicable is included in the prices shown at the standard rate at the time of booking. Lyme Bay Holidays reserves the right to adjust this should legislation require.




If you have to cancel your holiday you must inform LBH immediately. The day we receive written confirmation either by email or in writing of your intention to cancel is the day we will cancel your booking with the Owner. Any monies to be refunded will be refunded, at our sole discretion, subject to your reasons for cancelling. For full details of procedure in event of the Hirer needing to cancel their booking please see our Cancellation Policy.


For information related to Covid-19, please click here.

Lyme Bay Holidays reserve the right to amend and adapt these conditions as we deal with these unprecedented circumstances and as the situation changes and develops.




The Owner is responsible for providing holiday accommodation in a clean and tidy condition taking all reasonable steps to ensure that all facilities advertised are provided.

The Hirer of the property must ensure that the property is left in a clean and tidy condition failure to do so will result in an additional charge.

The Hirer of the property are responsible for the replacement of any article broken or damaged during their occupation of the property and for the repair of any damage done to the property itself (excluding reasonable wear and tear).

The Hirer and all members of the booking party must not do anything that may reasonably be considered to cause a nuisance or annoyance to the Owner or to any occupier of any neighbouring or adjoining properties. The Owner or LBH reserve the right to cancel the booking and take back possession of the property and its contents if they reasonable believe that the Hirer or any member(s) of the booking party are in breach of a material booking condition and/or that damage has been caused, is being caused or is likely to be caused. In these circumstances the booking will be treated as a cancellation and no refund of monies will be paid. Neither LBH or the Owner will have any liability for any losses suffered as a consequence of the cancellation.

Any vehicles parked at the holiday property or left at the property are done so entirely at the risk of the owner of the vehicle. Any vehicles on the forecourt at LBH offices which are parked, visiting, arriving or leaving, are done so entirely at the risk of the owner of the vehicle.

The Hirer and all members of the booking party must park only in the designated parking areas as provided. There must be no obstruction of neighbouring properties or its occupants. Parking may not always be directly outside or nearby the property and it is the responsibility of the Hirer to check the parking location on the property details. The Hirer will be responsible for any fines imposed for failure to display any parking permits as shown on the travel details given by LBH. The parking provision must be left empty at the 10am departure time.

The Hirer is responsible for ensuring both they and they members of the booking party read and adhere to any important information provided within the property including Fire Safety Notices and evacuation procedures as well as ay relevant information on facilities (including swimming pools and hot tubs). LBH makes every effort in its duty of care to ensure that the property will be reasonably safe for the purpose for which customers are invited to use them, however, the Hirer and every booking party member has a duty of care to take care of his or her own safety. LBH cannot be held responsible for any member of the party in their own negligence, the property and its facilities should be used safely and responsibly.

Where swimming pools or hot tubs are available as part of the amenities in a holiday property it is on the understanding that they are unsupervised and that it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that children and non-swimmers are supervised at all times. The use of these amenities are offered entirely at your own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, loss, illness or damage to the Hirer or any members of the booking party or associated with the Hirer or the booking party, except where the Owner and/or LBH have breached a legal duty of care to the Hirer or the booking party. It is essential that hot tubs are kept clean and used sensibly and safely. Failure to do so may result in an extra cost for cleaning. Any damage to the hot tub or its cover will be charged for. Always shower before using hot tubs and swimming pools. In hot tubs do not submerge your head under or drink the water. Do not use hot tubs or swimming pools if using medication or suffer from any illness without consulting your doctor. Hot tubs and swimming pools should be used at times where nuisance will not be a factor for neighbouring properties.

All properties do not allow smoking in any part of the holiday property or grounds.  The Hirer is responsible that no one in the booking party does so.  If smoking is found to be evident during your stay you will be required to vacate the property and for forfeit the remainder of the holiday. If smoking is found to be evident after your departure then then the Hirer can be charged of up for the professional cleaning of the property to rectify and will include the liability for the cost of cancelling all or part of any subsequent holiday bookings if the property is deemed to be not suitable for guest occupation by LBH and/or the Owner.




A minimum of a “starter pack” of toilet roll(s), bin liners, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets, cloth and a tea towel will be provided for bookings. The Owner or LBH are not responsible for providing food or any more than the stated “starter pack” of the above items for the duration of your stay.

Keys; please read your travel details carefully for details on your key collection. On departure keys will need to be either returned to our offices or returned to the keysafe at the property on the departure date (or otherwise instructed) as per your travel details provided by LBH. If you lose a set of keys the Hirer will be liable for the cost of replacement.

Parking permits, fobs, parking keys need to be returned as per the instructions on your travel details provided by LBH. Failure to return parking permits can result in a fee of up to £50 being charged to the Hirer. Late return of any parking permit can result in parking fees being charged to the Hirer in accordance with the tariff at the car park for which the permit is provided.

Electric vehicles: It is the responsibility of the hirer to check prior to booking if the property has a suitable and safe place to charge electric vehicles. If it is a requirement to charge a vehicle at the property the hirer must use purpose designated charging points (where available) only and only manufacturer approved cables.  The Owner reserves the right to apply additional fees if in property owner’s opinion charging has been excessive and can refuse to allow electric vehicles to be charged if they do not think it is suitable or safe to do so. Any damage to the electric system at the property through system overload or incorrect use including the use of incorrect cables being used will be the responsibility and any costs payable by the hirer. Should damage occur the costs of repair are the responsibility of the hirer in full.

Bed linen will be provided for all bookings. Towels are only supplied where indicated on the property details, where not supplied they will be available for hire. Bed linen (or towels) will not be changed during your stay unless the rental is for a minimum of 2 weeks in which case the linen will be changed over at the end of your first week. One bath and one hand towel is supplied per guest. The Hirer will be charged for all damaged or lost items or bed linen or towels.

Cots, highchairs and stairgates are sometimes included in the property for use or (for some properties) available to hire from LBH, please check individual property details, we do not always state where they are not supplied but will state when included. The type of high chairs, stairgates and cots can vary from property to property and from those available to hire. Where not already fixed, the erection, safe use and fitting of these items is the responsibility of the Hirer and it is your responsibility to contact the Owner and/or LBH should you have any queries or concerns on use before using.

The Hirer is responsible for keeping the property, its outside areas and furniture and the internal furnishings, bedding (and towels), crockery, glasses and cutlery in good condition and the Hirer is responsible for the cost of any replacement or repairing any damage. Failure to uphold these obligations may lead to a claim against the Hirer for the cost of replacement or repair and if applicable this can be deducted from the security deposit or will be pursued for payment from the Hirer after their holiday.

The Hirer is responsible for using the required refuse system in place as outlined in the property welcome folder provided by LBH.




Lyme Bay Holidays Ltd, their staff/representatives, do not accept any liability for any neglect, default or act on the part of the Owner nor for any inconvenience, injury, accident or loss suffered by any person or to any vehicle or possessions in or about the properties or in any way arising out of these properties from any cause whatsoever.

LBH aim to ensure that the details included on the website, all advertising and all printed literature are correct. All information and prices may be subject to change or deemed to be shown in error. We cannot accept responsibility for errors contained on the website or for any mis-description made by us as a result of inaccurate information given to us by an Owner or modifications made by the Owner without our knowledge. Any changes to facilities/ descriptions that we are informed of and that may materially affect the stay will be notified to you as quickly as possible. LBH reserve the right to amend prices quoted for any advertised pricing of a property due to error, omission, or changes in the VAT rate and to change the payment and processing charges.

LBH cannot be held responsible for any changes to facilities, layout or general descriptive in-accuracies arising from changes by the Owner or neighbouring properties or the withdrawal of properties from this website.

Where hampers are provided by 3rd party suppliers LBH and/or the Owner will reasonably endeavour to ensure these are provided. LBH and/or the Owner cannot however guarantee provision of said hampers as provision is out of our reasonable control. Please note LBH or the Owner cannot guarantee the items contained in the hamper will not contain traces of nuts, dairy items or gluten – please inform the office should you have an allergy and would like associated items to be removed from your hamper.

Should the Hirer or any member of the booking party depart voluntarily from the property before the end date of the rental period no refund shall be given in respect of the portion of the rental period when the property is not occupied by said persons

If for any reason the property booked becomes unavailable or is deemed unsuitable for letting by LBH and or the Owner, all monies paid will be refunded in full and this is the extent of the liability of LBH and the Owner, no further claims will be acknowledged.

LBH and/or the Owner/s of the property booked do not accept any liability for any disruption of tenancy due to surrounding or neighbouring properties of any sort whatsoever. This is to include building works, impairment of views and noise. Should LBH be advised of any works which may compromise safety, views or access LBH will endeavour where possible to provide advance warning.

LBH and/or the Owner/s of the property do not accept liability or pay any compensation where a property becomes unavailable due to ‘force majeure´. This describes any event which LBH and/or the Owner could not avoid. These events are to include but are not limited to; storm or weather damage, criminal damage, break- in, explosion, fire, flood, which causes destruction or damage to the property making the property not satisfactory for letting. Also included are adverse weather conditions, riots, industrial action, civil strife, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, oil spills, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity and all similar situations beyond LBH or the Owners control.

Many properties state Broadband or WiFi available. It is provided by the Owner free of charge and is on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. The Owner or LBH cannot warrant or guarantee the speed of this service or that it will be uninterrupted, error-free, or free of viruses or other harmful components. No compensation will be given for service problems. WiFi is provided for pleasure and not business purposes. Bookings will not be accepted if they are reliant on an uninterrupted and/or unlimited provision of WiFi or broadband service.

Emergencies – whilst in occupation the written travel details provided by LBH will provide an out of office hours emergency contact number for emergency reasons only. Please call the emergency number for the following reasons only; No power, No heating, No water, Serious water leaks, You are locked out of your property. Loss of WiFi, TV or radio coverage are not deemed as emergency issues and will be dealt with as soon as possible but may be responded to on the next business day.




If for any reason, any advertised local events, services or facilities become unavailable, LBH or the Owner will not hold any responsibility or entertain any requests for compensation.




LBH and the Owner hope you very much enjoy your stay. Please allow LBH and/or the Owner the opportunity to assist in any matter arising. We ask that all complaints should be notified to our office immediately. In no circumstances will LBH and/or the Owner compensate for or entertain a complaint once a property has been vacated which has not been previously notified. LBH and/or the Owner reserve the right to investigate and resolve any problems during tenancy without refund or compensation. If the Hirer has lodged a complaint with LBH during tenancy LBH will reasonably endeavour to resolve any matters during your stay. If the Hirer remains dissatisfied with the outcome after the above process has been observed and followed then the Hirer should submit their complaint, in writing, within days of the holiday end date. LBH will then assist the Hirer in attempting to resolve the complaint between the Hirer and the Owner. Any complaints submitted in writing will be forwarded to the Owner for a final resolution.



  1. PETS

Properties that accept dogs are shown as pet friendly on the website and the number of dogs accepted is shown within the marketing description. No guarantee is given to the suitability of any property for dogs or that the property will have a secure garden or grounds. Pets in properties must be kept under control and in no circumstances neither left alone in the property nor allowed onto furniture or beds. The Hirer accepts full responsibility for any pets brought to the property and agree to pay a surcharge of £20.00 per pet per week (or part week). No nuisance or excessive noise should be caused by the pet during any time during your stay. On departure the Hirer will ensure no waste is left in the property grounds and the Hirer accepts liability for any damage caused by pets and that any extra cleaning or replacement required due to the failure of the Hirer to agree to these conditions will result in the costs being paid by the Hirer. If a pet is found to be at the property without being declared prior to arrival then the Owner and/or LBH reserve the right to charge the applicable fee.

The Hirer must not bring a pet to a property which is advertised as not allowing pets. The Owner reserves the right to terminate your stay for breach of this condition. ‘No pets’ in the brochure description or non-acceptance on the website does not guarantee that a pet (including the Owners and assistance dogs) would not have been at the property. Neither the Owner or LBH give any warranty or undertaking to the Hirer or any member their party that the property is suitable for those suffering from pet related allergies.




LBH and/or the Owner can accept no responsibility or any liability for damage to, loss of, or items left behind in the property after you have vacated except where the damage or loss is caused by the negligence of LBH or the Owner. It is the responsibility of the Hirer and members of the booking party to ensure that they have adequate holiday insurance cover in place. LBH will charge a £15.00 admin fee plus the cost of postage in advance to retrieve and return lost property on request. Any unclaimed items of property will be disposed of after 4 weeks. LBH do not accept responsibility for the safe carriage of any items returned.




If the booking party fail to adhere to any of the conditions set out above, LBH and the Owner reserve the right to enter the property and terminate the tenancy.

These booking conditions and any claim or dispute arising in connection with their subject matter shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England & Wales.

These booking conditions replace and supersede all previous booking conditions.